I painted this little farm when she was in my belly. Each animal has her initials on them and the pond and barn bear her name. She has researched and planned her new room for months and she finished it with her Daddy this weekend. I kept waiting for the sadness to hit me but seeing her satisfaction took any bit of it away.
I remember when I was painting all those years ago, I kept wondering what she would look like and who she would be. I couldn’t wait to meet her. She is so much more than I ever thought she’d be already. Intelligent, funny, and kind. It’s really a joy watching her grow up into this strong, independent, brave young lady. How can I be sad about that?

Go Miss E. Go!


The Pretty

Snohomish Run
Location: Centennial Trail
Distance: 6 miles *woot*
Playlist: My own mix


I ran the furthest I’ve gone in months today. I did it! It helps to have motivation everywhere. I follow the amazing Mirinda Carfrae on Facebook. She’s kind of a big deal:


She posted this today:


Thank goodness for normal, honest people who set their mind to do great things. It was just the push I needed to get out and find my own fitness breakthrough today. Snohomish is a beautiful farm town near my home. When we first discovered it, we called it The Pretty because the views into it’s valley never disappoint. Now you can enjoy it too.

Have a great week!

The Surge

I am a fan of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York photoblog. Stanton interviews and photographs regular every day people on the streets of NYC and posts their responses. Most often, the insights and wisdom that people share are deeply personal and rich. This week, he shared this young man’s photo and quote. It touched me:


A couple days later, we got to meet Ms. Lopez:



Pretty incredible leader, right? As the week went on, we learned more about the kids of Mott Hall Bridges Academy and the daily challenges of trying to teach and learn in one of New York’s most violent neighborhoods. Then, an idea was born:


Within a few days, Humans of New York has raised close to $450,000 for the school’s programs. It has been so well funded, in fact, that an annual trip to Harvard is now a permanent part of the curriculum. In addition, the school can now offer a summer program that affords it’s students a chance to leave their homes safely and continue learning during the time of year they would normally be locked inside and regressing. The generosity didn’t stop there, though. People sent Ms. Lopez flowers too:


How incredible is that? It all started with a young boy and his love for his principal. In a world where politics and 24-hour news cycles make everything seem so overwhelmingly negative, it’s nice to see that huge change can come from something as simple as hope and faith in each other.

This story grew bigger than anyone could’ve imagined. To date, the HONY campaign has raised more than one million dollars. Corporate sponsorships have now begun to roll in that will provide technology for not only Mott Hall but the schools in the surrounding communities. Oh, and this happened:


A Run With A View

Beach Run
Location: Alki Beach
Distance: 5 miles
Playlist: Hozier on Pandora *So good*

I had a nice chunk of time off this morning so I drove over to Alki for my run after dropping the kids at school. This city is so beautiful. It was a perfect way to start the day.


Since starting up again in December I’ve shaved a minute off my mile. It’s been a natural progression but one that I’m happy to see. I’m getting faster, stronger, and really enjoying my training. I used to dislike running alone but my schedule makes it a necessity. I actually look forward to the time now. It’s a great mental reset.

I hope you’re finding success too!

Shredding The Gnar

We had a really fun day skiing and snowboarding with my friend Matt and his family.


Matt is a pretty amazing guy though he would hate for me to say it. First, he is an Iraq War veteran and a Seattle firefighter of 13 years. Second, he and his wife Shannon are two of the funniest people I know. Finally, I should mention that Matt came to the mountains today with a goal:

During Matt’s past year of recovery, rehab, and brace fittings I never once saw him frustrated or down about his accident. He never felt sorry for himself or let his injury slow him down. I’m happy to know him and his family and I’m so glad I got to be there to see him accomplish his goal.

I do have to say, however, that Matt has horrible taste in blog post titles. Thanks for reading anyway.