Carson Courage

My girlfriend Andrea told me about Carson Cheney and the sweet idea his family started in his memory. It’s been an easy and enjoyable service project for the kids this summer.

Little Carson

Little Carson

Carson was only 4-years old when he was struck by a falling tombstone in Utah and killed. Carson loved Hot Wheel cars and had one in his hand when he died. His family now encourages others to leave the toy cars in secret places for others to find. When they are found, people post pics of the cars on Carson’s Facebook page. It’s fun to see people post from all over the U.S. and even Europe. It’s also neat to see that some folks buy 100 cars at a time and leave them where needy kids can easily get to them.

After I told my kids Carson’s story, they were all over the idea of spreading joy in his name. We’ve had fun planting Hot Wheel cars (currently $1 each at Fred Meyer) in special places all around our town. We keep them tagged and ready to go in our van.


2 thoughts on “Carson Courage

  1. You are absolutely Amazing! Our family is so honored and touched that not only would you join our cause to help spread smiles and love from Carson, but that you would take the time and publish a story about him on your blog! You are a wonderful person and we hope you are blessed immensily for your compassion. THANK YOU

    • Oh my goodness Hilary! I am blown away that you saw this! The kids and I have loved being able to help your family. Thank you for the reminder to be passionate and find the joy in life. You made my whole day!

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