What I Would Say

As part of our getaway fun last weekend, each of my girlfriends and I had our tarot cards read. I was the last to go and probably the most surprised out of everyone that I agreed to do it.  As I sat down, I have to admit that I was a little nervous. What if Roni (the reader) told me something sad? Or horrible? Or both?!?! As we talked, we started discussing strong women who have guided me. According to the cards, I have a high angel who is a total kick ass alpha female and that is why my intuition is always strong and consistently correct. I have to agree with the intuition part. My gut has never misdirected me.

In talking about strong women who guide me, a name came up that I haven’t heard in a couple of years. Marnie. Marnie was a woman I rented a room from in college in Arizona. She was in her mid-60s when we met and I lived with her for a few years. She was a sweet, gentle, kind woman who supported herself and her two boys on her own for most of her adult life. She was from hardy Vermont stock and was very proud of it. Ultimately she became a mother figure to me. We had long discussions and she gave me great advice over the years. When I graduated from college, got married, and moved to Washington, we talked less and less. She passed away in 2010. I’m happy to say she met my kids, though, and cried when she did. She was a strong, stoic, graceful woman and I’m so glad I knew her.

I was surprised to hear her name but even more surprised with what the reader said next. Roni told me that Marnie walks with me every day. My girlfriend wrote down the rest: “The main reason she walks with you is because you taught her the meaning of love and you opened her heart. She never told you how special your nature is and she is here to help you.”


Now, no matter what you believe or don’t believe about tarot cards and fortune telling, you have to admit that those are wonderful words to hear. As I listened, I felt comforted by the idea that people we love stay connected to us whether we talk or not. It also got me thinking and missing people that for one reason or another aren’t in my life anymore. Today the feeling of missing them is really strong and has stuck with me all day.

What would I want to say to someone if given the chance? What would I want them to know?

I miss you.

I think about you.

When I travel, feel joy, or experience new things, you are with me.

You are important to me.

They are simple words that mean so much. What would you say if given a chance?


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