Summer Goals

Happy Boy In Lake Sammamish

Happy Boy in Lake Sammamish

Summer is here.

The kids are at a great age. They love chilling at home reading or being creative but are always up for adventure. I like to set goals for the summer to add some structure to our days. This year, I want to visit as many state parks as possible. The parks have offered up a Centennial GeoTour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Washington’s state parks in 2013. There are 100 geocaches hidden in 100 parks. Each cache has a stamp and pad to mark a passport. When you’ve reached 50 parks, you can send in your passport for a silver geocoin. If you reach 100 parks, you get a gold coin. Now, we have no intention of reaching 100 parks but it’s been fun exploring rivers, lakes, and trails I didn’t even know existed.  It’s always exciting to find the geocaches too.

The kids also have chores this summer. It helps so much with the daily mess and my sanity. They complete the list each day to earn a LEGO set in late August.




As for me, it’s an interesting season. My right hamstring is making running painful so this is the first summer in years that I don’t have any races planned. With the hotter than usual temperatures, though, I think it’s probably for the best. I wilt like a flower in the heat. I’ve found some fun fitness challenges to keep me moving in other ways. We joined the YMCA and they have a 10.25-mile (369 laps) and 56.25-mile (2025 laps) swim challenge that started on June 22 and goes to September 4th. I’m on my way to reaching the 10-miler!  Also, there is a great virtual racing company called Jost Running that has a summer walking challenge. You register, pay $30, track your 100 miles and receive a medal in August. Most often, part of the fee for the medal goes to charity. It’s a great idea for folks like me who love some good race bling.

Finally, I wanted to post my favorite summer treats. For the kids, I make strawberry banana popsicles in my Magic Bullet. I just blend the fruit, add some almond milk and a teaspoon of honey if the fruit seems tart. They are really yummy and take about 5 minutes to make.


For the adults, there is nothing better than a good margarita on a sunny summer evening. I don’t like them too sweet but the beer in this recipe cuts it for a really yummy flavor. Enjoy!





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