The Best Of Us

I started a short-term full-time job at a local elementary school last week. It’s an IT position during the state SBA testing. I make sure all the Chromebooks the kids use for the testing work effectively. I fix glitches and inventory all of them each day. I’m fortunate that I’ve  got great friends and neighbors who help me out with my kids before and after school so I can swing it. It’s been fun adjusting to work again. Look! I still remember how to make a spreadsheet:

I know these babies inside and out:

When a student has a technical issue during the testing, I sneak in like a ninja and try to figure it out as quickly as possible. I’m in and out of all the third grade classes throughout the day and they know me as the Chromebook Mom or by my official title, Building Online Assesment Team. That’s right, I’m the BOAT. A “team” of one by the way.

Today when I was in between rooms, a little girl reached out and handed this to me:

I mean seriously. How sweet is this?!?! Kids, in general, are my favorite kind of humans but this kid blows me away. She is so thoughtful. She found out my name AND EVEN SPELLED IT CORRECTLY. Many adults can’t do that! It’s gestures like these that make me feel like the world, as crazy as it is right now, will be in great hands after we’re finished messing it up.


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