I read Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild a few years ago and wasn’t really taken with it. I finished the book feeling pretty unsympathetic toward her and didn’t love the end of the story.  Fast forward to this year and the release of the movie based on her book:

Holy crap. This movie gutted me. I was so emotional after watching it that I took my kids for a hike…in the middle of a school day…like a crazy person. I would NEVER normally take them out of school for no reason. But Laura Dern’s portrayal of Strayed’s mother and the impact she had on her kids was so beautiful that I couldn’t help it. After a few probing questions and confused faces, my kids were happy to spend the afternoon outside with me. I realized that it’s surprise afternoons that they’ll likely remember most when I’m old and grumpy. I’m sure the truancy officer will understand.

We went to a great local hiking spot near Everett’s Boeing plant called the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary.


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