Dinner Conversations

The incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt.

The incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt.

My kids are at the age now where dinner conversation can easily circle around classroom gossip and comic book hero biographies. There is nothing wrong with these topics but they can become a little stale, especially when dinner discussions play such an important part in development. A year ago, we started using Dinner Conversation Questions at our meals. It was a big hit. Lately, though, I’ve wanted to take our valuable family talks to a higher level. Each afternoon I have the kids read an article and share what they learned at the table. My hope is that we will not only inform the kids of events and places around the world, but that they will digest these stories and start creating solutions to issues and problems that need their great brains and creativity.

Our main topic this last week was The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The kids are fascinated and couldn’t help but come up with all kinds of ways to manage and get rid of it. Then, we discussed this impressive young man’s idea. Which led us to his TED Talk, which led us to young ladies who have won the Google Science Fair. It’s been a great rabbit hole that will continue to unfold.

There are tons of great resources that are kid-friendly but address current events. We also get great kids magazines like Boys Life, National Geographic for Kids, and Time for Kids.

Here are some other great sites:

National Geographic Photo of the Day

Good News Network

Hello Giggles

Writing Prompts work well too!

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend!


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