The Sweaty Seven

Location: Green Lake
Distance: 7 miles
Playlist: Rolling Stones on Pandora


Whenever I run longer distances at Green Lake I notice something that satisfies me. There are all kinds of runners and walkers going both directions around the lake. A distance like 7 miles means I need to circle the lake (which is a little less than 3 miles around) a few times. By the second lap, there are runners coming from the other direction that I’ve seen before. Most often, they look like runners. Sweaty, great stride, way longer legs and definitely faster than me. By the third lap I start feeling little aches and look forward to my post-run reward (usually a latte).

Then it happens.

I pass those same runners for the third time and they recognize me. I see them process this with a bit of surprise and they give me a nod.

It’s a tiny gesture but it makes my day.

No, I don’t look like a runner. I’m short. I have boobs and hips and thighs. The real truth is there is no type. If you like running or dancing or weight training or whatever, don’t let other peoples’ expectations limit you. Get out and do what you love.

Have a great week!


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