Little Geologists

This is Chris. He and I co-teach science in 1st grade at my kids’ school. We are a part of a cooperative elementary in which parents lead lessons and teach the kids in addition to having a full-time classroom teacher. There are many benefits to cooperative learning. For one, it is a great way to ensure the kids are exposed to different subjects that there may not be time for in a regular classroom with just one educator.

Chris loves having his picture taken. Can you tell?

Chris loves having his picture taken. Can you tell?

We’ve been studying rocks and soil since the beginning of the year. When we started in October, it took Chris and I 20 minutes each lesson just to get the kids seated and listening in order to teach anything.

We’ve come a long way!

One of the best parts about teaching science is that it is always hands-on. Each week the kids have learned not only the dirt on dirt, but how to use scientific equipment to study it. Our little geologists are now quite the earth material experts. They team up well, listen and follow directions, know how to make good seating choices on their own, and understand the importance of contributing pertinent information and valuable observations. Not only that, they are awesome at identifying soil components like pebbles, gravel, silt, clay, and humus. They sort the soil like pros too! Today was the final lesson in the unit so we took the kids outside to apply their knowledge. It is always rewarding to see kids making learning connections.

Here is a glimpse into my school life:


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