Love Of The Game

It was a close one but the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots. Aside from some embarrassing behavior at the end of the game, the team handled this season with class and shared a gift with our city. More than a Super Bowl win, they gave everyone something to rally behind. Strangers had conversations they never would have had otherwise. Kids and adults found a common interest. Folks couldn’t help but get swept up in the fever, fun, and camaraderie of it all.

I lived in Denver when the Broncos went to the Super Bowl in ’86, ’87, and ’89. It was so exciting to grow up in a city with a passion for their football team (even though they lost each one). People painted their houses, lawns, and dogs orange and blue. The players were beloved and talked about like family members. John Elway is, to this day, a holy figure in my family. It shaped me as a football fan for life.

Folks who never followed football are now feeling that same passion here in Seattle:


It’s cool to see:


My kids have now had the same experience I had as a kid and I’m glad for it. We definitely don’t idolize athletes but these games have offered some great lessons. Good job Seahawks! We’ll cheer for you again next year.


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