Into The Woods

High Heels Running Club
Location: Cougar Mountain, Issaquah
Distance: 5 miles

I joined some of my favorite badass women for my run today up on Cougar Mountain. Trail running is really fun but requires a bit more awareness than road running for me. I make a point to stop every so often and take in my surroundings but most of the time my head is down and I’m watching the runner in front of me and the trail for roots, holes, and ankle-benders (rocks). For me, running on trails is much more of a cardiovascular push than my usual jogging and I tell first-timers that whatever mileage you run on roads will feel doubled. I wear running shoes that are specifically for trails as well. They have a wider base on the footpad to ensure footing, and have more traction and less flexibility than a running shoe to protect my feet from getting bruised by all the protrusions.

Get outside and run in the mud!


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