Happy Holidaze

The craziness of the holidays is here. In my house that looks like car repairs, cleaning house, last minute stocking stuffers, and praying the refrigerator repair guy actually shows up before the ice in the coolers that are holding all of our food melts. My friends aren’t fairing much better. Two friends desperately texted me from Costco. One requested that if she isn’t home by 5pm to call the authorities and tell her mother she loved her. I also heard from a pal who needed to be talked down because her mother-in-law is taking over Christmas and all of her holiday plans. Finally, we empathized with my husband’s coworker. His entire family (including 6 kids) is on it’s second round of the flu and he is contemplating just burning the house down at this point. Life doesn’t slow down for the holidays and it is easy to absorb the stress and negativity that this season brings.

I started my day at the gym. My girlfriend Sara ran a Total Body Conditioning class. I’m glad I didn’t really understand what that meant before I showed up. As class started, Sara told me she had created a whole playlist of Christmas songs to accompany her workout but that it hadn’t saved to her phone. I told her that nobody was there to hear Christmas music. We all needed some heavy bass and a butt whoopin’. Well, that’s what she gave us. She themed the hour-long workout: The Twelve Days of Fitmas.


We started with running the gym, moved to bicep curls, inch worms, planks, dead lifts, squats with weights, lunges with weights, planks with knee lifts, some band work on our arms, burpees and bear crawls. The reps for each task grew incrementally. After completing each station, we then had to make our way back down the workouts each time. I couldn’t even lift my arms by the time we finished. I also didn’t think about any of the stresses in my life for the whole hour. The rest of the day I have been Bruce Willis from the ‘80s.

So chill.

So chill.

My goal this week is to take time for myself every day. For me, that will be daily workouts or runs. I hope you find ways to make yourself a priority too. Let’s be Bruce Willis together.


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