Forever 21? Not So Much.

My best ladies and I plan nights out pretty regularly. It’s funny, then, that it has taken us years to just hang together at the mall for an evening. We enjoyed a nice meal, did a little window shopping and made our way to Forever 21. I’m not sure why we decided to go in but I am so glad we did. It is a magical place where fads and cliches are celebrated!

Cheetah print and pleather? They have that:

Owning it.

Owning it?

Are you an aspiring Mackelmore lookalike? Check it:


A person who is at least 16 years too old for this changing room.

I know it’s hard to believe but we didn’t end up making any purchases that night. We did laugh until we almost peed and showed the youngsters working the changing rooms a good time (and a fierce model walk). We may not be 21, but my girls make 37 pretty great.


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