DIY Fall

When the kids went back to school this fall I tackled a bunch of home projects that were long overdue. It was really satisfying to fix things up! I repainted and redecorated a few rooms, made some simple repairs (and many trips to the hardware store), reupholstered our dining room chairs, and made old gross furniture new again. I also vacuumed out all of the vents and ducts in the house. That was eye opening. Blech…. One of the bathroom vents upstairs had a queen and 4 other bees that had somehow gotten trapped and survived all summer. Did I mention that I’m 5’3’’ and this vent was over my head? The ninja-like dance moves that followed my bee discovery were the stuff of legend, I promise you.

My reupholstered chairs. has an amazing selection of fabrics.

My reupholstered chairs – It was so much easier than I expected. has an amazing selection of fabrics by the way.

One of my best DIY discoveries was Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. Have you heard of it? Amazing stuff:


Each can costs around $35 and can be hard to find but this little amount covers a ton. It’s very thick and has a plaster-like texture so it covers furniture that isn’t completely unpainted. In fact, you don’t have to prime at all. It can be applied and sealed with clear wax or you can sand it, distress it, and add colored wax to make your piece appear aged. So cool!

My first project was the kids’ craft cabinet. We bought the chest primed and spray-painted it royal blue. Yeah, that seemed like a good idea at the time. After an afternoon of scraping said blue paint off, I repainted it and added a dark brown wax. I was thrilled with the finished product:


Before and After

Since the cabinet turned out so well, I got the fever to paint more. Driving through my neighborhood one afternoon I noticed a neighbor putting a free desk out on the curb. My son had been asking for a desk in his room so I snatched it up. It took a full week of work to complete it but, thankfully, it turned out great. Again, I used the chalk paint but added acrylic paint to make it the color I wanted:

Old, yellow, and in need of updating

Everyone paints in a maxi dress and Birks, right?


Now a Jedi work station with chalkboard background and plenty of room for LEGO creations


Since the desk was free and half the paint I used was left over from other projects, I was able to splurge on new foam and fun fabric for the chair and an epic Death Star drawer pull I found on Etsy. My son loved it! The year has picked up and I have less time at home now but I keep a list of mommy-dos in my phone in case.


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