High Five, Bro.

If, like me, irreverence and inappropriate humor are your vices then you’ve probably already played Cards Against Humanity. If not then you must! The cheeky makers of the game surprised me this week. I signed up for their special holiday exchange called Ten Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa and expected little more than a daily giggle but I was pleased to get this too:


Day Nine.

Today, we donated $250,000 to the Sunlight Foundation. The Sunlight Foundation is a nonprofit that advocates for open government and uses technology to make government more accountable to all. They give citizens and journalists tools to see who’s spending money in politics and how much they’re spending. We think better access to this information results in more timely and accurate reporting of political influence.

If we’re going to try to solve problems together, we’ve got to make sure we hear from everyone, not just the people with the most money and power.

Enclosed, you’ll find a full report on the people and companies who have given money to an elected official who represents your state. If you want to see reports for all the states, you’ll have to share online.

You can learn more at CardsAgainst Humanity.com/sunlight.


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