Saying Thanks

This time last year, every one of my weekends was filled with all-day bike rides to train for the Seattle to Portland  bike ride (STP) in July. I have never put as much time into training for a race as I did the STP. Riding 700+ miles on a road bike taught me so much. I learned how to build my bike from the ground up. I learned the rules, culture, and vocabulary of cycling. I learned that there are 70 connected miles of rideable trails in Seattle because I rode every one of them from their start to their end. I also learned that making the race less about me and more about a good cause gave me no room to complain or whine or quit.  My friends and family watched me train and cheered me on. They also helped me to raise more than $700 for pediatric cancer. How could I not say thanks (via Facebook) along the way?


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