My Parents


Aren’t They Adorable?

I just returned from a trip down to Arizona to visit family. I don’t enjoy living away from my parents. We talk all the time but there is nothing better than being with the people who know me best. I also love that no matter how old I get, my parents continue to teach me.

My dad is an old soul. He is a quiet passionate man who would probably fit in better back in the John Wayne days. He works in avionics but spends his free time working with wood. He builds everything from boats to beautiful furniture. He works hard and is fiercely loyal and good to his core. While I was home, my mom told me that over the years he became a fan of Charles Krauthammer. Dad enjoys Krauthammer’s show and respects his point of view. This is no small feat if you know my dad. Only recently my dadĀ discovered that Mr. Krauthammer is also a paraplegic and has been since the age of 22. Now, what does one do to show respect for someone he admires? Nowadays, it’s common for folks to offer a shout out on Twitter or send off a fan email. Not my dad. My dad did a little research and learned that Mr. Krauthammer is a big fan of chess. He used the highest quality wood he could find and spent hours making him a chess board. I was pleased that a thank you letter and signed book from Charles Krauthammer arrived while I was visiting.

My mom is the heart of our family. She loves big, dreams big, and is very strong. She has an appreciation for her life and her family that seems to know no bounds. I enjoy time with her now more than ever. She goes out of her way to show my kids love. She makes a constant effort to communicate with me no matter how crazy my life is or how horrible I am at rescipricating. I hope when I am a grandmother, that I am as fun and thoughtful.

After almost 40 years together, my parents are still in love. They are crazy about each other and about the things that interest them. I am lucky to have such great examples in my life.

I miss them already.


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