My Teaching Philosophy (circa 2004)

I was looking through my old teaching portfolio today and found a write up about my teaching philosophy. I am happy to discover that it still holds completely true:

I believe that learning should be fun, reality-based and hands-on. School should be a place where children feel safe and nurtured enough to explore their world and express themselves. It will always be my first priority to provide a respectful atmosphere that offers learners that opportunity. Manipulatives and real-life connections to curriculum are two of the most effective tools that aid in that learning. Who wants to learn about something that seems to have no purpose? It is my job to make sure that  connection between student and subject is made.

I am a facilitator. I see myself as a lead learner who is there discovering right along with my kids. Students should guide my lessons whenever possible and should develop and maintain their own system of rules in the classroom. Student ownership of the classroom and its operation makes for a more satisfying atmosphere for all.


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