Humbled By Mail

My last day in the classroom was seven years ago. Since then I’ve had kids, worked off the baby weight and adopted a healthier more active lifestyle. This letter arrived in the mail today. The teaching and learning from my students continues…

Mrs. Ronald,

I know this is a little out of the blue, but I really felt the need to do this. I’ve been keeping up with you for the past few years, watching you bike and run and race and inspire. I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing job you’ve done. The way you kept with everything and learned to love yourself along the way, I can’t even tell you how much of a role model you’ve become for me. I’ve been struggling a bit in the past few years with my weight and even more so, my body image, and every time I see one of your posts or pictures (on Facebook), it helps me feel just a little bit better. Hopefully someday soon my journey will be even half as successful as yours. You truly look phenomenal and I can’t begin to imagine how magnificent you feel! I just really wanted you to know how all your hard work has inspired me to keep going and that you are not the only one your amazing progress has benefitted! I hope you’re doing wonderfully! Your family is beautiful and it looks like you live a pretty great life. Thank you for being such a wonderful 5th grade teacher, and continuing to be a remarkable presence in my life.

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